Website Turnaround

June 4th, 2010

If you have been on the Internet for more then a minute, you know that big changes happen routinely and that the cyberworld is constantly in flux.  Remember when Paypal introduced the ridiculous notion of a secure third-party payment program?  Or how about when eBay pretended that an online flea market was a good idea?  And do not even get me started on those upstarts from Google – like THAT will ever catch on! 

Well, URL categorization – while not a new idea by any means – has really started to catch additional attention the last 18 months or so.  Many people scoff at the actual idea of URL categorization and with good reason – and yet many companies are providing a valuable service in this area (and it is growing daily).

The catch is, of course, the unfathomable turnover rate of websites.  New websites are being created daily at a rate of nearly one hundred thousand with just as many disappearing.   How is any URL categorization ever to be reliable at that rate?

The other problem is the amount of infected websites with malware.  A healthy site can be categorized today and then become infected tomorrow. 

Tracking website turnaround and Internet security is one incredible job.  There needs to be a reliable and trustworthy product that can honestly mitigate these concerns.