Uniform Resource Locator

June 6th, 2010

Webpage classification is done using a multitude of factors.  The most obvious, of course, is text or content.  The second most obvious is going to have to be the title and tags, followed closely by links and link structure.  There are many other things that can be considered, however.  There are the pages that point at the page in question and there is its URL.

Out of all of these, probably the easiest and least expensive item to consider is the URL – uniform resource locator.  The URL gives you location and often times purpose as well.

Is it not the common practice of current webpage development to make the URL both memorable and informative?  Is not the current belief of search engine optimization to make the URL reveal as much information as possible and still be memorable?  I give you www.MapQuest.com as a prime example, and what do you think is the main purpose of www.BBQGrillsForSale.com?

Websites are often broken up by topics and subtopics and these are often mirrored by their URL.  This is the reasoning behind URL classification and categorization.  Most of the work is already done by the webmaster and all the information needed (the URL), is free.