All Sites Have a URL Address

June 10th, 2010

What do you do with a site that has no text?  If a site has nothing but images, how would you classify this website using traditional methods?  Would a text based classification even recognize the site at all?

How do you use anchor text classification on a site that has no anchor text?  If the site has nothing to offer for your classification tools, will you be able to categorize the site at all?

All websites have URL addresses.  Even sites that do not exist have URL addresses.  Any site, whether it has text or not, whether it has incoming or outgoing links or not, whether it has anchor text or not… Any and every website has a  URL address.  These (admittedly) odd and rare sites that simply cannot be categorized by the more traditional means, can be categorized by their URL.  URL categorization will succeed where the other methods fail.