What Can Be Done With URL Categorization?

June 16th, 2010

The Internet is growing at an alarming rate.  Typically, ULR filtering has been traditional with an eye on history and semi permanent classification.  This is beginning to change. 

So much more can be done with URL classification today.  Web content can be classified as you go now.  This way you get URL classification that is immediate and that lives up to the required need of the individual.  It is important to have URL classification in current time.  This helps to find the right classification slot as well. 

You can get link analysis and classification.  You can get protection from unwanted content online also.  Site history can be checked to see if it is reputable.  Malware can be detected as part of this as can any software that could harm your computer. 

Do you want your URL classification and categorization system to build a database for you as you search in real time?  This is the kind of benefits you can now expect.