DIY URL Categorization

June 26th, 2010

I have a friend who thinks that he can build his own URL database.  “Why should I pay somebody else to classify URL addresses for me?” he says.  This is the kind of guy who like to organize his video collection by genre and date.  His socks are all in color co-ordinated separate drawers.  He seems to think that the Internet is within his OCD grasp.

Well, since the Internet gains and loses hundreds of thousands of sites per day, I think this is just one task that my friend is not going to be able to tackle on his own.  His DIY (do it yourself) skills have certainly met their match.

When I called him last and asked him how he was doing, he sounded kind of frustrated.  He said he would call me back when he was done.  I am expecting that call on the first Monday of never!