Web Filtering Via URL Classification

June 30th, 2010

Companies and network administrators use web filtering capabilities to avoid employees accessing non-productive or objectionable sites.  These are sites that take valuable program resources from your network and at the same time expose you and your system to aversive actions.  This can be everything from fines and lawsuits to hackers, malware, and viruses.  Also, inappropriate Internet usage drains company and business resources.

Hackers and their malicious programs may gain access to your network via Internet connections. This can be avoided with web filtering (through URL classification).

A web filter lets corporate managers and network administrators avoid employees from accessing URLs that contain content material that the organization finds objectionable. Decisions on objectionable content material are generally determined on the basis of legal or ethical concerns, employee productivity, network security, or any other issue. By using a URL classification web filter, you can ban URLs that are classified in everything from pornography to social networking.