What does it do?

Komodia’s classification server is a complementary service to Komodia’s URL filtering SDKs and allows you to get the category of the site on the fly, which allows you to focus on developing your product rather then trying to figure out which sites to block or report, it can be used from our SDKs or your own proprietary solution.

Customer profile?

While providing more then 100 categories with a strong emphasis on child protection and entertainment related categories, the service allows you flexibility whether your solution is aimed for: Parental control, education or the enterprise. In addition you get a powerful reporting capabilities to further improve your solution.

Why Komodia?

Komodia’s classification service was built using using the combination of the vast experience we gathered from our SDK’s clients. The server is built from the ground up with the goal to fit the model of parental control and employee monitoring products, whether you’re a small startup, ISP or Fortune 500 company.

More information

You can get more information about our service: